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Pontifical Mission Societies

Extraordinary Missionary Month: October 2019 Declared by Pope Francis

The Holy Father has entrusted the education and animation of the faithful associated with this great month to the umbrella of his four Pontifical Mission Societies: The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, The Missionary Childhood Association, The Society of St. Peter Apostle, and the Missionary Union.

During this Extraordinary Month, we invite you to use our Prayer a Day Calendar to lift up missionaries and the people they accompany in their ministries as you pray. Click on the calendar to download your copy!

Pope Francis has also invited us to become part of a Universal Prayer Chain by saying the Extraordinary Missionary Month prayer (above) every Friday after The Angelus (right after noontime). Click on the image to download the prayer card.

In the video below, the Holy Father appeals to all Catholics to support the official mission agencies of the Church – The Pontifical Mission Societies – prayerfully and financially. Help us support missionaries in their vital work of solidarity with the poor and marginalized of the world.

Pray daily and become a sustaining member of our Societies!