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The Society for the Propagation of Faith

This Lent, help us support the life-saving work of missionaries!

Do not be afraid for I am with you…
In India, child trafficking and child labor are a
reality for more than 12 million children. Every
day, more children are stolen from or sold by their
families into domestic service or prostitution.
Many others are forced to become street beggars.

…for I am the one, today, who makes you a fortified city…
Sister Clara and her fellow Salesian Sisters are
determined to make a difference, with the help
of The Society of the Propagation of the Faith,
for children like Vandoosha. At five years old, Vandoosha was sold into a home for domestic service; she was re-sold into a family that treated her cruelly, forcing her to work long hours. Her anguished cries were heard, and an anonymous call was placed to a local helpline. Salvation arrived in the person of Sister Clara who rescued Vandoosha and took her to live at the Marialaya Home in Chennai where the young one now thrives, attends school, and learns how much God loves her.

…they will fight against you but not prevail…      Sister Clara knows that this work cannot be done without support from you – our donors.“lf you help us, we will always remember that you helped our children to have a better home. They will always have that standard where they can live a better life and will never go back to the street!”

…for I am with you to deliver you.     
Since 1990, Sister Clara and her sisters have rescued over 2,000 girls through a ‘Help Line’ established in cooperation with local police and taxi drivers. Children
are told they can call the helpline if they are in danger and the Sisters will rescue them. Vandoosha made that call and because of your help to The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, she was saved!