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Be a Parish Mission Ambassador

Be a missionary without leaving your parish! Ensure that the missions are part of your parish life!




  • Encourage your bulletin editor to print our short mission stories
  • Make sure the missions are mentioned in Mass Intercessory Prayers monthly – we’ll write the prayers for you!
  • Encourage parishioners to pray for the missions. 
  • Once a year, be available to welcome a visiting missionary. Show them around your church and help them to feel at home.
  • Hang World Mission Sunday posters every October.
  • Ask your pastor to offer our Spiritual Bouquets to parishioners at the parish office. 
  • Talk to your Director of Faith Formation or Catholic school principal about the Missionary Childhood Association – our Society for children. 

Be A Parish FaithRaiser

Are you inspired to act? Now is the time to be a FaithRaiser. 

  • Mission Story
  • Agreement

Mission Story


+ Talk to my parish bulletin editor about publishing mission stories regularly. 

+ Be sure the missions are prayed for at Mass at least once a month. 

+ Encourage parishioners to pray for the missions. 

+ Welcome visiting missionaries once a year, helping them to feel comfortable in my parish. 

+ Hang World Mission Sunday posters every October. 

+ Talk to my pastor about offering mission Spiritual Bouquets to parishioners at my parish office. 

+ Talk to my Director of Faith Formation or Catholic school principal about getting the students involved in the mission programs of the Missionary Childhood Association 

+ Supply you with short mission stories by your parish bulletin deadline. 

+ Email you mission prayer intentions monthly. 

+ Help you organize mission groups and events at your parish. 

+ Let you know in advance who your missionary is and when they will arrive. 

+ Mail you the posters. 

+ Send our Spiritual Bouquets, in leatherette folders, to your parish office. Parishes may keep $1 for each Spiritual Bouquet sold. 

+ Follow up with all the information that  parish and/or school leaders need to start  forming young missionaries. 

Stories From The Missions

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