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The Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Spiritual Bouquets

Birthday - 1 Year Enrollment

Our birthday greeting card bouquet promises a special person in your life that their intentions will be remembered at the altar of 15,000 Masses offered in the missions during the next year.

The image on the front is a medallion that hangs in The Cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier in the Archdiocese of Nassau, Bahamas.

  • $5.00   = 1 Enrollment
    $10.00 = 2 Enrollments
    $15.00 = 3 Enrollments
    $20.00 = 4 Enrollments
  • $25.00 = 5 Enrollments
    $30.00 = 6 Enrollments
    $35.00 = 7 Enrollments
    $40.00 = 8 Enrollments
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