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The saints are our friends in heaven, and we can count on them for their help, prayers, and intercession. These short lesson plans each tell a saint’s story, ask follow-up questions, and suggest activities that help your students understand that saints are ordinary people who follow the God’s path in their lives. Each saint will help your students become better missionary disciples!

  • Blessed Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi

    Michael Iwene Tansi was one of the first native born Nigerians to become a priest to minister to his own people. He was known for his humility and good work ethic. Father Michael Iwene also stood up against oppression or abuse of any kind against women. He took the name Cyprian when he trained to be a Trappist monk. In 1998, he became the first West African to be beatified. His feast is January 20th and he is the patron of Nigerian priests.

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  • Blessed Giovanni Della Pace
    The English translation of this saint-to-be’s name is “John of Peace.” Trained as a soldier, he left the battlefield after surviving an ambush. John felt it was the hand of God that saved him and so he devoted the rest of his life to God. He convinced others to help him and started an association that cared for the poor of his town. Blessed Giovanni Della Pace’s feast day is November 12.

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  • Blessed Irene Stefani

    Born Aurelia Mercede Stefani, Blessed Irene Stefani took her new first name when she became a Consolata Missionary Sister. A nurse by profession, Saint Irene was a missionary in Kenya where she was named "Nyaatha" (Say Nyina-WAH-tha), which means ‘Mother of Mercy’. Her feast day is October 31st. She is the patron of the Diocese of Nyeri, Kenya and the Consolata Missionary Sisters.

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  • Blessed Lucien Botovasoa

    Lucien Botovasoa was a schoolteacher on the African island nation of Madagascar. He was dedicated to both secular and religious education and had a great admiration for the humble lifestyle of Saint Francis of Assisi. He spoke four languages and was a talented musician. Lucien was married; his wife was pregnant with their fifth child when he was killed by local authorities in hatred of his faith. Blessed Lucien’s feast day is April 14th and he is the patron of married couples, fathers, and teachers.

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  • Blessed Pauline Marie Jaricot & the World Mission Rosary

    At the age of 18, Blessed Pauline Marie Jaricot went into the silk factories of Lyons, France and organized people into groups of ten. They would come together once a week to pray and sacrifice for the missions. Each group member would go on to recruit more members to join her new organization – The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Pauline would go on to start another worldwide membership organization, The Living Rosary. Pauline is the patron saint of the poor and impoverished. This lesson plan includes a coloring activity that teaches the meaning of the colors of the World Mission Rosary.

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  • Blessed Sebastian de Aparicio

    Born in Spain, Blessed Sebastian de Aparicio emigrated to Mexico in search of a better life and more opportunity. He became a successful farmer and rancher, teaching the native people skills to raise their own crops. He is credited with the building of the first highway across Mexico to the sea in order to transport goods to other countries! Late in life, Sebastian joined the Franciscans as a lay brother and spent the rest of his years begging to support his fellow friars. Blessed Sebastian de Aparicio’s feast day is February 25th and he is the patron of the Mexican transport industry.

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