Thanks to Volunteers, We’re Having a Mary-athon!

April 20th is National Volunteer Day. We can think of no better group to honor than our own wonderful, dedicated people who give to the missions with their time and talent. Before our shutdown closed the Pastoral Center to outside visitors, we had a regular rotation of people who came to office...

Sustaining the Gospel of Radical Care

As Catholics in this diverse world, we are called to live as the many members of the one Body of Christ. In our ministry, we believe we do this best when we act with love, prayer, and generosity towards the less fortunate members: our brothers and sisters in the missions.

Stand with Pope Francis Against COVID19 in the Missions

Here in the United States, we’re starting to breathe a little easier. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cases of and deaths from COVID19 across our country are on a downward trend. While we still have a ways to go, we can be grateful for the extraordinary work...

Sharing God’s Love in Helpless Situations

A great blessing of this ministry is that many of the missionaries I meet become my friends. Although we exist in very different parts of the mission world – they go, stay, and live the work, while I visit, experience it, and come home to tell their stories – we feel a deep...

Travel with Missionaries in Prayer

Every year, (Arch)dioceses across the country welcome missionaries as part of the Missionary Co-operative Program. The purpose of the program is twofold; first, our goal is to open the minds and hearts of the faithful of our local Church to the needs of the growing, young mission Church. Second,...

Finding God on the Bridge

Once again, the headlines bring more news of terror inflicted on Catholics as they worship. On Palm Sunday, the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Makassar, Indonesia was targeted by two suicide bombers. Thankfully, security guards were able to stop the perpetrators from gaining entrance to the Church....



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