Calling All Volunteers – Be a Mission Moderator!

Because of our shared baptism, each of us is called to share the Good News every day, making us all missionaries, no matter our age. Mission education must be an ongoing part of our children’s faith formation, whether they attend a Catholic School or a parish Faith Formation program.

Our Mission is Not Canceled!

Our mission as friends and disciples of Jesus is not cancelled. Our mission to be kind is not cancelled. Our mission to be a sign of hope in the midst of darkness is not cancelled. Our mission to live our faith in a loving and merciful God is not cancelled. Our mission to love – especially...

The World Comes to Boston for Mission Education Day

On Zoom from Zambia was Father Bernard Zulu, former National Mission Director for his country. Father explained how MCA brings education, health care, and faith formation to Zambian children. He also spoke about the gifts that his students give to Missionary Childhood – because they are...

Living Up to a ‘New Normal’ Around the World

Father Pat writes, “It’s difficult to believe that from the second week of March until a few weeks ago, we were not permitted to post letters to over a hundred countries due to the pandemic situation. It has been a very complicated time for everyone, most especially for the health professionals...

Giving Mothers and Babies a Chance in the Missions

Thanks to support from the Propagation of the Faith, the Mother and Infant Care program in Mongu has met, and even exceeded, their goal of reducing the transmission of HIV from mother to baby through breast milk in the program participants. Their methods are simple – educating HIV-positive...

A Mission Hero

George Rose would be the first one to tell you that he lived a life full of blessings. Although his father died when George was only three and his mother worked multiple jobs to raise the family, George knew he was loved by God. When he took his first job at age nine, pulling a manure cart during...
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