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Missionary Childhood Association

Mission Moderator & Guest Speaker Program

Every baptized person – children included – are called to spread the Good News, through word and action, wherever God has placed them. Membership in the Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) brings the needs of the world’s children into classrooms and calls students to reach out in faith to the marginalized beyond all borders.


MCA teaches your students to be missionaries without leaving home – we help you to grow Stationary Missionaries!


What Do MCA Members Do?

  • Pray a Hail Mary for the Missions Daily

  • Give to the Missions

  • Learn from Visiting Missionaries

The missions will come to life with a visit from
the Missionary Childhood Association!

Take a “tour” of the world in a class period and find out how your students’ prayers and sacrifices are making a difference for children in the missions – and in themselves, too!

We usually do school presentations in three age appropriate groups: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. 


Faith Formation Programs: we visit your classes whenever you hold them!
Sunday mornings, weekday afternoons, or evenings – we’ll fit your schedule!


To order materials, schedule your visit from the missions, or learn more, contact Maureen at or 617-779-3871.



Mission Moderator

  • School or Parish Contact


     Assign a teacher or parent volunteer

  • Mission Visits & Student Helpers

     You choose students, we provide Mission Ed Materials, and visit classes, too!

  • Mission Education Day

    Cardinal Seán leads our mission retreat day of prayer, song, talks, and FUN!

  • I will:

    ✟ Recruit a few students to be Mission Representatives
    for special events.

    ✟ Distribute monthly mission materials emailed from MCA.

    ✟ Include the missions in prayers and Masses.



    ✟ Schedule a mission visit.

    ✟ Lead students in sacrificing for MCA at least once a year.

    ✟ Arrange for Student Representatives to help with
    the counting and tallying of the sacrifices.

To order materials, schedule your visit from the missions, or learn more, contact Maureen at or 617-779-3871.

Become A Mission Moderator

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