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Saint of the Month Archive


The saints are our friends in heaven, and we can count on them for their help, prayers, and intercession. These short lesson plans each tell a saint’s story, ask follow-up questions, and suggest activities that help your students understand that saints are ordinary people who follow the God’s path in their lives. Each saint will help your students become better missionary disciples!

  • The Korean Martyrs
    During the 19th century in Korea, between 8,000 and 10,000 Catholics were killed for their faith. In the face of such intense persecution, the faith grew. In 1984, 103 of those martyred were canonized en masse, including Father Andrew Kim Taegon, the first Korean born Catholic priest. In breaking with tradition, their canonization was not held in Rome, but in Seoul, Korea. Their feast day is September 20th and Saint Andrew Kim Taegon is the patron saint of Korea.

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  • The Mexican Martyrs
    The Mexican Martyrs are a group of 25 people who were killed during the Mexican Cristero War for refusing to renounce their faith. Most were Catholic priests who continued to carry out their ministry after the government closed all Churches and made practice of our faith illegal. Their feast day is May 21st. Older students may learn more about this period and the story of the Cristero Wars by watching the movie For Greater Glory. (There are scenes of war violence)

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  • The Ugandan Martyrs
    Twenty-two young men, between the ages of fourteen and twenty-two, led by Saint Charles Lwanga, were martyred for refusing to deny Christ. The remarkable story of their courage in the face of torture and brutality is one that is marked yearly when millions gather at a Shrine in Uganda – some of whom have walked hundreds of miles in honor of the martyrs being marched to their death. This story of faith is amazing, especially considering the age of these saints. The feast of the Ugandan Martyrs is June 3rd and they are the patron saints of Uganda. Included in this lesson are templates to make a small display of paper flames for a home or classroom altar to honor the martyrs.

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