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Teacher’s Toolbox: Forming a Missionary Spirit

We’re a teacher’s best friend when it comes to fulfilling #6 on the list of National Catechetical Guidelines: Forming a Missionary Spirit.


Our monthly materials arrive in your inbox ready to inspire your students to prayer and action on behalf of others, locally and globally. We focus on a different saint, mission country and seasonally themed prayer service. Activities and crafts make the lessons fun and interactive as students learn about the needs of the young mission Church. Our goal is Christ-centered students and therefore, other-centered students!

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World Mission Rosary Lessons and Activities


Every missionary we meet says the same thing: “pray for me!” We teach children to pray for all missionaries by using the World Mission Rosary.  The fun craft activities help to remind them of the places to which their prayers travel!


Started by Archbishop Fulton Sheen in 1951, when he was our National Director, this rosary is used just like all others with one exception – it is color-coded for all the populated continents of the world!


As you prayerfully “travel” around the world, remember:


 is for the forests and grasslands of Africa

 is for Oceania, the Pacific island countries


 is for the fire of the faith brought to the Americas by missionaries

 is for Asia, where the sun rises first in the east


is for Europe, home of the Holy Father


When you finish praying for the missionaries and the people they minister to on each color, as Archbishop Sheen said,

“You’ve given the world a prayerful hug!”

World Mission Rosaries are available from our office for all students in Catholic schools and parishes!
Try these great activities to help your students remember the colors of the World Mission Rosary.

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