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The Society for the Propagation of the Faith

Spiritual Bouquets and Mass Offerings





For many years, Catholics have followed the custom of enrolling themselves or their loved ones, living or deceased, in Membership in The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. By doing so, they give an ongoing gift to the member and the missions. 


These Spiritual Bouquets mean the person enrolled receives the spiritual benefits over 15,000 Masses celebrated each year around the world and one Mass daily at the Vatican. Giving the gift of membership in The Society for the Propagation of the Faith is a loving, spiritual present for a loved one.


5-year, 10-year, and Perpetual Membership certificates are delivered to you in a white leatherette folder with a holy image of your choice, and a mailing envelope.


Proceeds benefit the missionary work of the Church.

Special Spiritual Bouquets are available for Easter, Mother's Day, and Christmas.
To place an order, contact us at 617-542-1776 or

Our Mass Offerings Program is a great safety net for mission priests who depend on donations for the basics of life from their parishioners, many of whom live in poverty themselves. For a suggested offering of $10, the sacrifice of the Mass will be offered by a mission priest. This can be for any occasion – so often we think of having a Mass celebrated at the end of someone’s life, but the Eucharist is offered for the living, too! Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and all life’s milestones. Honor a loved one’s intentions by telling them that you are helping to spread the Good News in their name.

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Your offering for a Mass to be celebrated in the missions will be shared with priests who minister for little to no salary. Your gift will enable them to bring the Sacraments of the Church to needy rural outposts of our faith. Your intention or loved ones name will be said at the altar of a mission priest during Mass.

Please note that to ensure the mission priest receives the full offering, the online bank processing fee will be added to your gift.


Please choose if your intention is living or deceased.


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