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Madonna and Child - Perpetual Family Enrollments

Artist Roberto Feruzzi spotted an eleven-year-old girl on the street taking care of her brother and painted this picture in 1897. Because she was so young, he named the painting “Madonnina” or The Little Madonna. Tradition did the rest, and the picture became known as the Madonna of the Streets. The original pictures whereabouts is unknown.
  • $110.00 = 1 Enrollment
    $220.00 = 2 Enrollments
    $325.00 = 3 Enrollments
    $425.00 = 4 Enrollments

    $525.00 = 5 Enrollments

  • $625.00 = 6 Enrollments
    $725.00 = 7 Enrollments
    $825.00 = 8 Enrollments

    $900.00 = 9 Enrollments

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