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Saint of the Month Archive


The saints are our friends in heaven, and we can count on them for their help, prayers, and intercession. These short lesson plans each tell a saint’s story, ask follow-up questions, and suggest activities that help your students understand that saints are ordinary people who follow the God’s path in their lives. Each saint will help your students become better missionary disciples!

  • Venerable Fulton Sheen
    How many saints or saints-to-be do you know who have won a television Emmy? Venerable Fulton Sheen is one! A radio and television host, a dynamic preacher, and the head of the Pontifical Mission Societies in United States, Archbishop Sheen’s resume is full. He even created the World Mission Rosary! Learn how this boy from Peoria, Illinois is on his way to sainthood – and help us to pray him there!

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  • Venerable Henriette Delille
    Venerable Henriette Delille was born in 1812 in New Orleans – in a time and place when being bi-racial was certainly frowned upon. Her mother was a descendant of enslaved Africans and her father was a white Frenchman. Henriette learned the Catholic faith from her mother and would go on to leave a legacy that all citizens of New Orleans are proud to have as a foundation for faith-based education in their city. Read more here and then pray for the canonization of Henriette Delille!

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  • Venerable Pierre Toussaint
    Venerable Pierre Toussaint was Haitian-American, brought to New York while still enslaved. He was freed upon the death of the person who enslaved him and became a well-known businessperson and philanthropist. He helped to finance the building of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and is the only lay person buried in the Cathedral’s crypt. The honor is normally reserved for Archbishops of New York. Read about the many other acts of charity performed by this heroic man and pray for his canonization!

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