World Mission Sunday

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The Society for the Propagation of the Faith

World Mission Sunday is a Day to Celebrate!

Because our Church is universal, Mass is celebrated in many different languages every day. When we gather around our different altars, we speak a common language – one of love and mercy.


On World Mission Sunday, in all the churches of the world – from the grandest of cathedrals to the smallest mission outpost – this common language will be used as we celebrate the missionary work of the Church


Every year we remember our shared baptismal call to mission as we celebrate World Mission Sunday. On that Sunday, we gather for the Eucharist, in a spirit of love and caring for those in need so that, through our prayers and concrete acts of solidarity, the gift of faith may be shared with all. 


This year's theme, set by Pope Francis, is: Proclaim it with Joy! ...we cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard. (Acts 4:20)

Read the Holy Father's full message to the faithful here.

Proclaim It With Joy! We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard. (Acts 4:20)

Join us on World Mission Sunday, and every day, as we work to spread the Gospel to the ends of the world.


Our Societies promote a prayerful missionary spirit among baptized Catholics and gather funds to support our Priests and Religious.


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