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Society of St. Peter the Apostle

Gregorian Mass Offerings for Mission Priests

History of Gregorian Masses

Gregorian Masses take their name from Saint Gregory the Great, who was Pope in the 6th century. The Church has declared that the confidence of faithful Catholics in the effectiveness of the Gregorian Mass Serious is both reasonable and pious (Sacred Congregation for Indulgences of August 24, 1888). Tradition has it that then-Pope Gregory had a personal revelation from a deceased brother monk that his soul had been released from Purgatory upon the completion of thirty days of consecutive Masses said for the repose of his soul.



Gregorian Masses are a series of Masses offered on 30 consecutive days for the repose of the soul of an individual deceased person. These Masses are celebrated for the intention of the release of this soul from Purgatory. The offering made for a series of Gregorian Masses is sent to a mission priest in need of financial support.

You, or the person designated by you, will receive a beautiful certificate in a leatherette folder confirming the series will be offered. 

Gregorian Mass series may be reserved for a living individual. We ask for an extra offering in this case in fairness to the receiving priest. While we pray for a long life for the recipient of your gift, we recognize that the stipend for a Mass Series may increase before the passing of the intention of the series.

A Reserved certificate is sent to the person for whom the Masses are intended. It should be kept with that person’s important documents so that, upon their passing, their representative can notify us and the Series of Masses can begin.


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Your offering for a Mass to be celebrated in the missions will be shared with priests who minister for little to no salary. Your gift will enable them to bring the Sacraments of the Church to needy rural outposts of our faith. Your intention or loved ones name will be said at the altar of a mission priest during Mass.

Please note that to ensure the mission priest receives the full offering, the online bank processing fee will be added to your gift.


Please choose if your intention is living or deceased.

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Please note that to ensure the mission priest receives the full offering, the online bank processing fee will be added to your gift.


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